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  1. Cigarette ingredients
  2. Translations of "no smoking please"
  3. Canadian Cancer Society, “Compilation of Selected Evidence Regarding the Impact of Higher Tobacco Prices on Tobacco Use; A Submission Prepared for the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance” (September 2001)
  4. Litigation & public inquiries as public health tools for tobacco control (Oct. 2001) + PowerPoint Presentation. by Neil Francey
  5. Litigation Update (Oct. 2001) by Stephen Sugarman
  6. Reactions to the PM report in Czech Republic: Press Release - counter ad (July 2001)
  7. Campaigns
  8. ETS -- "indoor and built environment"
  9. Secret Documents
  10. Documents from the World Health Organization
  11. Guidelines from World Health Organisation
  12. Tobacco Country Profiles from WHO (HTML)
  13. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter: WHO Will Regulate Tobacco? (March 14, 2001)
  14. Smoke Around the Rising Sun: An American Look at Tobacco Regulation in Japan, by Mark A. Levin (November 2000)
  15. International Awards to Support Cooperation in Health Research for Development Advertisement by Anthony D. So, The Rockefeller Foundation (May 2000)
  16. ONLINE BOOK  Smoke & Mirrors - The Canadian Tobacco War - by Rob Cunningham
  17. ONLINE BOOK La Guerre du Tabac - L'expérience canadienne - par Rob Cunningham
  18. Monograph Series, Strange Bedfellows: The History of Collaboration between the Tobacco Industry and the Massachusetts Restaurant Association by Wendy A. Ritch and Michael E. Begay
  19. Smoking in Films - A Review by Professor Kenneth MacKinnon
  20. Smoking, Magazines and Young People by the Health Education Authority (HEA)
  21. Tobacco in Seychelles, by Pascal Bovet, (Revised version July 2000)
  22. Why the Federal Government Should Sue the Tobacco Industry By Clifford E. Douglas, Sept. 1999
  23. Tobacco and Religion WHO TFI, Sept. 1999 also in MS Word
  24. The Approval of the Master Settlement Agreement between the Tobacco Industry and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by Robert B. Sklaroff, MD
  25. Overview of Status of Legal Challenge
  26. Contrasting Opinions Rendered by Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Court
  27. Overview of Current Status of Challenges
  28. Endorsement Letter to Support the Challenge by Robert B. Sklaroff, MD
  29. Appellate Motion
  30. Smoking Policies in Schools by Linda Lawton (Word 97) July 1999
  31. "Why are we here?" Introduction to the Consumers Association of INGCAT NGO Mobilisation Meeting, by Kjell Bjartveit (Geneva, 15-16 May 1999) - (Members only)
  32. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: English | French | Spanish (February 1999)
  33. Relative Exposure Index based on ACGIH values for STEL's, by Bill Rickert (January 1999)(PDF format).
    You can view and print these documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded from Adobe's website by clicking here.
  34. Figures, by Bill Rickert (January 1999)(PDF format)
  35. Year 2000 and Religion: Bull of Indiction of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, by John Paul Bishop, (January 1999)
  36. Online Book:Taking Action to Reduce Tobacco Use (1998)
  37. Online Book: Growing Up Tobacco Free: Preventing Nicotine Addiction in Children and Youths (1994)
  38. Smugglers on the run, from J. Mackay (September 1998)
  39. IBA Report/Crimes against Humanity in the International Criminal Court, by Neil Francey (September 1998)
  40. Report by Ronald M. Davis, M.D.,(April 1998)
  41. Quebec: projet de loi 444 - Loi sur le tabac, June 1998
  42. "Letters to the Editors", The Economist, 18 April 1998 - from Nigel Gray, President UICC
  43. Social & economic aspects of reduction of tobacco smoking by use of alternative nicotine delivery systems (PDF format), September 1997.
    You can view and print these documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded from Adobe's website by clicking here.
  44. Tobacco consumption 1970-1994 in the Member states of the EU, in Norway & Iceland (PDF format)
  45. A Summary table of different indicators relevant of smoking 1994 (PDF format)
  46. Tobacco and Tolerance, The Economist - December 20th 1997
  47. World Medical Association Statement on Health Hazards of Tobacco Products, November 1997
  48. Editorial: Tobacco and Deforestation in the Developing World, Dec.97
  49. Bibliography on advertising and sponsoring, Nov. 1997
  50. World Bank Economic Survey of Tobacco Use Oct. 1997
  51. UICC Recommendations re "The Settlement" Sept. 1997
  52. Toxicological Data Sheet for Tobacco Smoke
  53. Presentation to the 4th Int'l Conference On Preventive Cardiology Derek Yach 07/97
  54. TOH Awards 1997
  55. Borje Ejrup Swedish - American Pioneer in Smoking Cessation, by Hans Gilljam MD,PhD.
  56. Monitoring Sales to Minors (press Clipping) Jan 1997
  57. Sport sponsorship (International Olympic Committee - IOC)
  58. Smoke-free policies adopted by the Barcelona and Atlanta IOC
  59. Cover Page of Tobacco AlertMessage from WHO, 1996
  60. Quotes from the Tobacco Industry
  61. RJR Study (From Jack Cannon)
  62. PM ad in the Int'l Herald Tribune (29 Nov 95) JPEG file 64KB>
  63. PM ad in Spanish newspapers...being sued (January 1996)
  64. B&W - A Handbook for Leaf Blenders and Product Developers (1991)
  65. RJR 'secret' documents (From Jack Cannon)
  66. IARC - Dr Annie Sasco - List of Publications
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