Documento. Dibattito a "Otto e Mezzo".
ROME - Thursday, May 29, on "La7" TV-studios, one of the most popular Italian talk show.

Giacomo Mangiaracina is one of the principal guests, with the famous presswoman Barbara Palombelli. Anchormen, Giuliano Ferrara and Luca Sofri. The teme of the day: "Can no-smoking laws criminalize smokers?".

Mangiaracina, president of Italian Society of Tabaccologia (Tobaccology), and coordinator of Tobacco Area of Italian League against Cancer, quietly and objectively answers to provocations of the anchorman Giuliano Ferrara.

Mangiaracina against Turci, president of Forces, organization fighting for smoker's wrights. "I wish you do not fall ill. - said Mangiaracina to his interlocutor - Because the Science you will need is just the same that you are disregarding!". Prof Silvio Garattini also partecipated to the debate from Milan.

Luca Sofri and Giuliano Ferrara show the new Italian Tobacco scientific review.